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Are strip clubs and table top dancing clubs covered by the same laws as brothels?

Strip clubs and table top dancing clubs can be defined by councils as ‘brothels’ if a sexual service is also provided in the club—such as masturbation, oral sex, body slides or full service. These clubs may have to lodge a DA as a brothel with council.

Is hot stripping escort work?

Clubs that provide a hot stripper ‘out call’ where a sexual service is also provided can be defined by council as providing an escort service. This is unlikely, but you may have to lodge a DA with council for this type of office. For more information, see the section on escort work.

Can stripping and sex work be done on licensed premises?

A business that sells or provides free alcohol has to have a liquor licence.  Under liquor licensing laws it may be an offence for licensees to allow soliciting on their premises as this could be defined as ’indecent conduct’. The licensee of a hotel, bar or nightclub can identify behaviour that is unacceptable by their personal standards and can ask any patron—including a sex worker or client who is soliciting for sexual services—to leave the licensed premises.

But it does not appear to be an offence for a sex worker to solicit or work in licensed premises.

What is the legal age for strippers and table top dancers?

NSW laws do not state a minimum age for strippers, but if you also provide a sexual service you need to be 18 or over.  Also under liquor licensing laws, anyone under 18 in licensed premises needs to be in the company of a responsible adult. So in a practical sense strippers working in licensed premises need to be over 18.  

No one may employ a child under the age of 15 in a situation where the child or anyone else is naked.  Under child protection and child employment laws the police and the Department of Community Services (DoCS) can ensure the safety of someone under 18, although they are more likely to act if the person is under 16. The police can also take action against the employer of an under 18-year-old.