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Training for Organisations & Service Providors




SWOP provides training to service providers, including sexual health services, alcohol and other drugs, and criminal justice services. Our aim is to enhance awareness of sex worker issues with the goal of improving access and equity.

To find out more, to check the date of the next training or to request a training for your organisation or workplace.

Phone SWOP  02 9206 2166 and ask to speak with the Outreach and Community Services Manager.


Course: Working with sex workers


SWOP provides a one-day and a two day training course designed to provide health, community, alcohol and other drug and youth worker professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the sex industry.


Sex work can be a hidden and stigmatised profession, largely influenced by myth, morals and the media. Our workshop aims to demystify some of the stereotypes to provide participants with accurate information about the sex industry.

The course explores the key areas that can impact on sex workers professional lives—such as legal issues, peer education, outreach, client education and sexual health.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop practical strategies to engage and work with sex workers. The goal is to provide participants with practical skills in identifying, engaging and addressing the needs of sex industry workers.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • describe different sectors of the sex work community
  • explain laws relating to sex work
  • identify several sexually transmissible infections
  • promote their service to sex workers
  • reflect on their current work practice.


Learning outcomes:

  • to raise awareness of the key issues encountered by people working in the sex industry
  • to identify risks and promote safety
  • to identify available resources and services, and barriers to accessing services
  • to gain an understanding of issues relating to the law, police and public attitudes.

Contact the Outreach and Community Services Manager for more information on (02) 9206 2166.