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Male Sex Workers

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SWOPmale offers male sex workers all the benefits and services of SWOP plus a specialised project tailored for your needs.

SWOPmale is available to answer your questions and provide support either in person, by phone or email or via chat on some hook-up sites..

SWOPmale has a weekly e-newsletter, mails out condoms every month to workers who sign up for our Male Out and visits two regional and rural areas of NSW every year to catch up with country workers.

Join the SWOP "male" out  project aimed at increasing HIV and STI prevention awareness and condom use among male sex workers in NSW. SWOP is sending a monthly "Male" out of worker packs and information to male sex workers who sign up to receive the packs.

You can sign up online for the Male Out project below.

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Phone: (02) 9206 2166
Free call:
1800 622 902