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Media Enquiries
All media enquiries must be directed to Jackie Mcmillan, SWOP Media and Communications Officer.
Phone: (02) 9206 2166

New Multi Language Resource

Thanks to the City of Sydney SWOP has just released a new resource for sex workers in three languages; Thai, Korean and Chinese on legal rights and responsibilities, working conditions, work Health and Safety (WH&S), negotiating and boundaries with clients, workplace issues and accessing services find out more

SWOP T Shirts On Sale Now

SWOP T Shirts are now for sale online at the special post SEXPO price of $20 plus postage. They are selling fast so get yours now find out more

Regional Outreach Mid North Coast

Our Aboriginal and Transgender Workers will be on the Mid North Coast Monday 27th June to Thursday 30 June 2016. If you are working privately in Port Maquarie, Taree, Kempsey or Coffs Harbour and you'd like supplies or just a chat please call us find out more

Submission to Review of Public Health Act 2010

The Public Health Act deals with a diverse range of matters, the overall aim is to protect public health. SWOP has made submissions on those parts of the act that deal with disclosure and notification of STI's; particularly HIV. find out more

Open Letter re the Term Sex Worker

SWOP signs open letter to the Icelandic Foreign minister Lilja Dögg Alfreðasdóttir regarding the Icelandic representatives to the 2016 High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS re term "sex worker" find out more

Male PrEP Forum

SWOP invites all male identifying sex workers to come and discuss the impact of PrEP on HIV prevention for male sex workers. Monday 30 May 2016 2.00pm to 3.00pm at SWOP's Offices in Surry Hills find out more

Red Shield Appeal Image Vilifies Sex Workers

Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal image vilifies sex workers. Amidst the cameras and media fanfare, it largely escaped public notice that the marketing collateral delivered to every Australian home vilified sex workers. find out more

WA Trans Sex Worker Again Denied Bail

MEDIA RELEASE 22nd April, 2016 from Scarlet Alliance, Magenta and People for Sex Worker Rights WA: “Magistrate’s decision to deny bail places trans sex worker at risk.” find out more

Discussion Paper Review Public Health Act

The Public Health Act deals with a diverse range of matters, the overall aim is to protect public health. SWOP will be making submissions on those parts of the act that deal with disclosure and notification of STI's; particularly HIV. find out more

High Court Rules on Intent in HIV Transmission Cases

Today the High Court unanimously held that engagement in unprotected (in this context: condomless) sexual intercourse by a person living with HIV, does not in itself prove that there was intent to cause harm by transmitting HIV. find out more

Canberra Rape Judgement May Have Serious Ramifications For Some Nsw Local Councils

Sex Workers Outreach Project welcomes the confirmation by the ACT Supreme Court that obtaining a sex worker’s consent to sex by pretending to have paid is rape. find out more

Complaint to ABC re Q & A Episode 5 Monday 29 February 2016

Complaint to ABC re Q & A Episode 5 Monday 29 February 2016 The dissemination of ignorance and prejudice about transgender people contributes to their ongoing stigmatisation and marginalisation. In practical terms, spreading misinformation can have very real and significant health and safety impacts. find out more

Self Defense for Sex Workers April 2016

SWOP will be holding a self defense class for sex workers only on Wednesday 20th April 3.00pm to 6.00pm. The class is free and there will be afternoon tea find out more

HIV transmission should be about public health, not criminal law

Criminalising HIV transmission undermines the notion of shared responsibility to prevent HIV, creates stigma which disincentives people from getting tested and discourages disclosure of HIV status. This undermines prevention efforts and increases the risk of further HIV transmission. find out more

NSW Releases HIV Strategy for 2016-20

The NSW HIV Strategy 2016-2020 continues the commitment to achieving the virtual elimination of HIV transmission in NSW by 2020, building on the targets and activities that proved successful in implementing the NSW HIV Strategy 2012-2015. It is based on current evidence, and continues the focus by NSW on preventing, testing for and treating HIV. find out more

SWOP Closed for the Holidays 2015-16

SWOP will be closed for the holiday season from 24th December 2015 to 03 January 2016 inclusive. We will re-open on Monday 04 January 2016 at 10.00am. Emergency contacts numbers for services are available here find out more

Introducing SWOP's new Executive Committee

Introducing SWOP's new Executive Committee; with a combined experience of more than 70 years in the sex industry, and with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, the new Executive Committee reflects SWOP’s commitment to inclusion and the diversity of the sex worker community. Its Members include: find out more

Resignation of SWOP's President

SWOP announces the resignation of Madison Missina from the Board of Governance. The Vice-President Opiferum, will be assuming the role of Acting President until SWOP's Annual General Meeting find out more

Male Sex Workers Meet Prior to the Scarlet Alliance National Forum

Male sex workers from all around Australia are meeting in Sydney on Monday 09 November 2015 to discuss male working issues and to pre-brief for the Scarlet Alliance National Forum which will be held directly after the meeting (tues 10, Wed 11, Thurs 12 and Fri 13 November 2015). find out more

Getting on Top of Health and Safety in the NSW Sex Industry

"Getting on Top of Health and Safety in the NSW Sex Industry" aims to introduce people who own, manage or work in sex industry businesses to best practices in workplace health and safety. The book can be used in conjunction with the "Getting on Top of Health and Safety" video. All the stories and names in this booklet are fictitious. find out more

SWOP Annual Report 2014-2015

SWOP has finished it's first full year as a fully independent organisation and is now in the process of holding it;s first Annual General Meeting and publishing its first Annual Report and presenting our audited accounts to our members. SWOP's Audited Financial Statements 2014-15 year are available here find out more

When is a massage worker providing a sexual service?

If a massage worker provides body slides, hand relief, oral sex, or sexual intercourse the courts say they arep providing a sexual service. Nude massage and other services can also be defined as a sexual service by the police, council workers and courts find out more

Swop's First Annual General Meeting

Have your say and help choose our first elected board at the Sex Workers Outreach Project's first annual general meeting on Mon 12 October from 6.00pm to 8.30pm at SWOP's Offices L3 (Meeting Centre) 414 Elixabeth St, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010 find out more

SWOP's Submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Regulation of Brothels 2015

SWOP's submission to the Select Committee of the NSW Legislative Assembly Inquiry in to the Regulation of Brothels is attached find out more Raids will Negatively Impact the Health, Safety and Human Rights of Male Sex workers

SWOP is concerned about the seven executives and employees of who were arrested yesterday in raids conducted by the Department of Homeland Security assisted by the New York Police Department. There is a considerable body of evidence pointing to the fact that GLBTQI people prosecuted for sex work are subjected to alarmingly high rates of harassment, including physical and sexual abuse, when they are behind bars. find out more

Closing Very Soon; Submissions to Select Committee on the Regulation of Brothels

Countless studies demonstrate decriminalisation is the best-practice approach to regulating the sex industry. The NSW government seems set on replacing best practise with approaches that have failed in many other places. As sex workers and sex worker organisations we know from experience in Queensland and Victoria that licensing models are expensive , create significant barriers to compliance, do not support sex workers control over our work, occupational health and safety. find out more

Amnesty International Draft Proposal to Decriminalise Sex Work

Amnesty International are considering a proposal that the organisation support the decriminalisation of sex work. This proposal is creating a very heated debate, much of it from people who seem not to have read the proposal or to have an understanding of the issues. The proposal is available here find out more

Sex Worker Outreach Officer (Korean/English)

SWOP is seeking a dynamic new member to join its outreach team to develop, implement and maintain health promotion strategies aimed at sex workers. This position is responsible the delivery of preventative education strategies aimed at increasing HIV and sexual health awareness among culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) sex workers and owners/managers of sex services premises in NSW, including developing culturally appropriate resource materials and fostering peer education strategies. find out more

SWOP Board announces Cameron Cox's appointment as Chief Executive Officer

The SWOP Board has great pleasure in announcing that Cameron Cox has been appointed by the Board of SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) to the position of Chief Executive Officer. The recruitment process for a new SWOP CEO began on 12 May 2015 when the current CEO Kylie Tattersall tendered her resignation. Candidates were scrutinized by an independent selection panel whose recommendations were considered by the SWOP Board and then approved at the June 2015 SWOP Board meeting. find out more

SWOP Closing Early Tues 30 June for WhoReyWood

SWOP will close two hours early (at 4.00pm) this Tuesday 30 June due to the 6.00pm Forum start at our 2015 Annual Hookers and Strippers Ball. Details here find out more