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Introducing SWOP's new Executive Committee


Introducing SWOP’s New Executive Committee


At the first Annual General Meeting of Sex Workers Outreach Project Inc, held in October 2015, a new Executive Committee was elected.

The SWOP Executive Committee is responsible for strategy, financial oversight, policy and governance, and is comprised of current and former sex workers who provide their time and expertise on a voluntary basis.


With a combined experience of more than 70 years in the sex industry, and with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, the new Executive Committee reflects SWOP’s commitment to inclusion and the diversity of the sex worker community.  Its Members include:


Dominique Diaz - President

Lara Belle - Vice President

Kitty - Secretary

Lizzie McGregor - Treasurer

Saul Isbister – Ordinary Member

Lola Li – Ordinary Member

Isabelle Brae – Ordinary Member


Cameron Cox – CEO of SWOP

Chantell Martin – SWOP Staff-Elected Committee Member


SWOP looks forward to your ongoing membership, support and participation as we pursue our mission to improve the health, and protect the human rights, of all sex workers in NSW.

Dominique Diaz